BP’s Multiplayer Life #1

Vou tomar emprestada a ideia que a Cilla sempre aplicou no Gato Preto: séries semanais a respeito de algum assunto. A primeira (e única até o momento) será a respeito da minha vida no que diz respeito a jogatina online.

Publicada sempre as segundas, BP’s Multiplayer Life terá 6 ou 7 edições, e assim como tantas revistas em quadrinhos, poderá deixar de ser produzida sem aviso prévio :P

Ohhh… the memories!

So there I was… (re)playing Snatcher (Sega CD) on my “unleashed” PSP, when I suddenly I noticed: life imitates art once again.

And like if that wasn’t enough…

I didn’t remembered that detail, maybe because it has been so many years since the last time I played. Oh, well… my personal experiences just made Snatcher became an even better game. Enough with Metal Gears! Kojima should re-do this on the same style as Heavy Rain.  It would be awesome!

Hit the Climax!

Finally! After years of wait I finally had the chance to experiment After Burner Climax. And what’s better: on my own PS3 (thus eliminating the need to go to Japan to play this rarity). Sega really did a great job: Climax is all that I could hope for: it’s fast, looks gorgeous and – hold your breath – has the classic soundtrack avaliable (eat it, Black Falcon!). Not only that, but I can access the XMB to listen to my music which is something very few PS3 games permits. This way not only I can play Climax with its remixed and classical (1987) soundtrack, but now I can listen to all the arrange versions that I have. Yes, you could say that I’m an After Burner fanboy.

I loved every aspect of the game and need to thanks Sega. The only thing missing is the classic refueling cutscene where you land your plane on a runway, featuring cameos from Hang-on and Outrun. By the way: After Burner Climax was made in 2006, same year Sega released Outrun 2006 – which is also very cool. Now, if only Sega could read my wish and release Daytona USA (Dreamcast) on the PSN… It would be the ultimate climax!

Get Ready to After Burner Climax

YES! It’s hard to express my huge satisfaction the moment Sega confirmed that After Burner Climax is coming to PSN. It was the motivation I needed to start a project I had in mind since a long time:

After Burner and Daytona USA are the games which soundtracks I have “collected” most different versions/arranges. After Burner’s tune is locked in my mind since the earlier 8bit days, when I had it on my Sega Master System, and from the way it looks I’ll still listen to it when I became older and older (thanks God I’m not the only one who loves video game music).

On a little, curious-coincidence side note: two weeks ago my father bought a TomTom gps that offers the option to customize it’s interface. Can you imagine which image I replaced the car icon with?

Yup. That’s it. I think my mind was telling me that something big was coming ;) Get ready!

Updated: One week later here I am again. I needed to make a video with the “Final Take Off” song, which is my personal favorite. Now I truly feel the mission has been accomplished. LOL!