Get Ready to After Burner Climax

YES! It’s hard to express my huge satisfaction the moment Sega confirmed that After Burner Climax is coming to PSN. It was the motivation I needed to start a project I had in mind since a long time:

After Burner and Daytona USA are the games which soundtracks I have “collected” most different versions/arranges. After Burner’s tune is locked in my mind since the earlier 8bit days, when I had it on my Sega Master System, and from the way it looks I’ll still listen to it when I became older and older (thanks God I’m not the only one who loves video game music).

On a little, curious-coincidence side note: two weeks ago my father bought a TomTom gps that offers the option to customize it’s interface. Can you imagine which image I replaced the car icon with?

Yup. That’s it. I think my mind was telling me that something big was coming ;) Get ready!

Updated: One week later here I am again. I needed to make a video with the “Final Take Off” song, which is my personal favorite. Now I truly feel the mission has been accomplished. LOL!

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