Hit the Climax!

Finally! After years of wait I finally had the chance to experiment After Burner Climax. And what’s better: on my own PS3 (thus eliminating the need to go to Japan to play this rarity). Sega really did a great job: Climax is all that I could hope for: it’s fast, looks gorgeous and – hold your breath – has the classic soundtrack avaliable (eat it, Black Falcon!). Not only that, but I can access the XMB to listen to my music which is something very few PS3 games permits. This way not only I can play Climax with its remixed and classical (1987) soundtrack, but now I can listen to all the arrange versions that I have. Yes, you could say that I’m an After Burner fanboy.

I loved every aspect of the game and need to thanks Sega. The only thing missing is the classic refueling cutscene where you land your plane on a runway, featuring cameos from Hang-on and Outrun. By the way: After Burner Climax was made in 2006, same year Sega released Outrun 2006 – which is also very cool. Now, if only Sega could read my wish and release Daytona USA (Dreamcast) on the PSN… It would be the ultimate climax!

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