Ohhh… the memories!

So there I was… (re)playing Snatcher (Sega CD) on my “unleashed” PSP, when I suddenly I noticed: life imitates art once again.

And like if that wasn’t enough…

I didn’t remembered that detail, maybe because it has been so many years since the last time I played. Oh, well… my personal experiences just made Snatcher became an even better game. Enough with Metal Gears! Kojima should re-do this on the same style as Heavy Rain.  It would be awesome!

2 thoughts on “Ohhh… the memories!

  1. Hey bro!!! I was just looking for images of this game to show my buddy as one of my favorite games of all time!!! I was just about to drop about $400.00 on a copy of this game, then a shit ton more on a genesis and sega cd, until I saw this!!!! How is this possible? How can i get this on a PSP? Who do I have to kill to make this happen!!!!!…… *ahem* please reply to my email. Thx!!!!

  2. Hello there. You’ll need a ‘hacked’ PSP to run homebrew software (witch includes emulators). On my case, I just sent my PSP to a friend who hacked it for me (I don’t have the tools, nor I’m confident to try something like that myself). Google it for more info.

    Anyway, Snatcher is really an awesome game. I still have my Sega CDX around to play it sometimes, along Silpheed and other Sega CD’s gems.

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