Alien Movies – DVD x Blu-ray comparison

When I bought a PS3 a few years ago, I experimented Blu-Ray and the HD world. I don’t even have a full HD TV, but 720p is already good enough to see the benefits of movies in high definition. The problem is that not all movies looks good: old transfers will suck if not treated the right way. Blade Runner’s blu-ray transfer impressed me, and since then I’ve been waiting a very long time to see what will they do to my beloved Alien franchise.

A few days ago this site released some screenshots from all four movies in blu-ray, and I’m fan enough to make a little comparison between their shots and the Quadrilogy DVD set I own (I also own the Legacy set, BTW). I choose Aliens, because that movie features heavy noise on some scenes. Just put your mouse over the pictures to see the difference.

I believe noise/grain seens to be under control, but what impressed me more is the color correction on some scenes.

To take those screenshots, I played the DVD on Windows Media Player. I know that WMP usually changes some of the brightness / contrast, but the differences are way to much to be just that.

The final confrotation with the queen also appears to me more nightmarish, thanks to the tuned down brightness of the scene and bluish tone! Now, if they could only retouch those other scenes…

Because that, on HD, will look very disturbing.

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