Random Design Note

Last weekend I was watching Robocop on my new home theater set, when I noticed a new relationship between Ed-209 and the Alien design. First lemme tell you what was already certain to me: 1) Both goes into my list of  favorite characters / movies / designs of all time; 2) I had nightmares with both when I was a child. Ok, I still have these dreams from time to time, but now I find it cool – not scariest to the point of letting the lights on before going to bed); 3) I still want both in my shelve, in action figure form.

There is, however, a feature that they share in their design, and that is very important to make them look frightening (and so unique) : no eyes. I could go on and on talking about eddies and aliens, and also showing another examples of evil characters without eyes, but right now I’m too lazy. Who knows, maybe this post can be transformed into an Overthinking It article?

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