A leo fable

“Two thousand ten was a very harsh year when it came down to his personal relationships and emotions. He can remember very clearly how bad he was on the last days of 2009. The story is simple: on november that year, he had everything that he’d hope for on his hands for a very short time. Literally, years of friendship resulted on months of flirting that brought both of them to that moment, on that peculiar night, where he finally could show his kindness – only to a few days later be rejected.

He understood that reaction, since she was (and still is) on a relationship. Do you now that song from Reo Speedwagon, “Roll With the Changes“? Well, it was exactly his feelings and expectations at that time. She was tired of the same old story, and he believed it was time to her to turn some pages. He was willing to make the break that they were on the brink of. So, while he entered 2010  with his emotions going downhill, he still expected some kind of reaction on the next few months. What happened, however, was that she tried to approximate once again and he, hoping for the best, took his chances only to crash-and-burn. To make things worse, he simply could not remove her from his everyday life, so he suffered week after week, seeing what once he had own, but what would never be on his hands again.

That said, you don’t have to try hard and visualize that in 2010 his emotions where on a never ending rollercoaster. Only now, more than twelve months after their “first contact” (which was something more of a “close encounter of the third kind”), he is finally getting over. He simply cannot be the same to her: the good friend that listened to her problems (since her boyfriend would not), the one that would cheer her up and always reply to her text messages. No, he cannot endure any of this anymore, because listening to her problems and not being able to change the situation brought him pain.

He decided it was time to waste away.”

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