JJC ET-74 lens hood: neat, but be aware!

So here we got a product that took my attention: JJC’s ET-74 lens hood is a white (more like a beige)  version of the Canon original lens hood for the EF 70-200 F4 L IS lens. Canon already sell its L lenses with the original lens hood included, so the only reason for someone wanting to buy the JJC’s offer is to match the hood with the white color of the lens (that is also more like a beige). Why Canon doesn’t includes a white hood instead of a black one in its zoom telephoto family is unknown (all white prime telephoto lenses have white hoods). All I know is that JJC took the oportunity and produced an almost exactly color match, that really looks great combined with the lens. Read more (and be warned) after the jump!

As you can see, the hood is a little more beige than the lens. Even then, the final looking result is really neat. However I feel compelled to warn everyone thinking about buying it: JJC ET-74 lens hood will scratch your lens hood threads. Badly. When I tried to put the hood on it was really tight, and after removing it the lens hood threads (on the lens itself) had white marks all over it. I wanted to cry.

I’m the kind of guy who babysits its equipment, so I was devastated when I saw what happened. I had to be very careful and persistent to clean it – had to use very little car wax (yep, really) on a soft cloth and a lot of strength to clean the white marks left on the hood thread on the lens (the front element is protected with a UV filter, so the chances of the wax getting through the filter threads and reaching the front element was basically zero). The problem was 97% resolved. To prevent future scratches, I’ve used a Dremel on the hood, trimming it. Now all is OK and I can finally enjoy my new white hood without being scarred of new scratches.

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